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Whether you play games in your smartphone or not, you could have heard about the popular MMO game called Clash of Clans. Available for iOS and Android, Clash of Clans is probably the longest running, most favored game for smartphones. Initially released in USA and Canada in 2012, Clash of Clans has become played by numerous active users worldwide. So how did they become so well received amid thousands of available games in this saturated market of smartphone apps?

If you have yet to view the commercial on your own or you only want to relive it again, you can do so in the video above. The commercial shows a rigorous Liam Neeson angry about having his gold stolen by the rival player. His personality shows shades of his character inside extremely popular film franchise, Taken.

Giants have been proven to be invaluable when combined with Wall breakers and Goblins. This strategy works well when used on a heavily fortified base with lots of resources available. First, just as the previous tactic, deploy Giants to distract each of the defensive buildings after which drop the Wall breakers right at the column of walls you want to breach. You just need to make sure that any defensive towers in the vicinity had their concentrate on the Giants because Wall breakers are very fragile. Once the walls happen to be breached, quickly release every one of the offensive units like Barbarians or Archers to destroy the defensive towers and Goblins to steal the resources.

Obtain a cost-free ipad, obtain a cost-free itouch new generation ipod, obtain a free of charge mp3,... The actual checklist moves on together with at. You will find hunderds involving clash of clans gem sale countless advertisings on the web showing buyers they are able to have cost-free electronics industries together with own machines. I am talking about, who seem to won't appreciate totally free issues, in particular no cost electronics industries.

Before continuing, Let me speak about the plot in the movie.The action comes about in Pandora (a satellite with the planet Polyphemus) in 2154. The place is inhabited by the humanoid type aliensna'vi race, that humans come in conflict because considered one of their clans (the Onomaticaya) is reliant around a huge tree that covers a massive grain of highly prized mineral-the-unobtanium understanding that would the reply to the energy problems individuals Earth. Jake Sully, an early soldier who was in a wheelchair, is selected to participate in in the Avatar program; a project that carries scientific minds about GM bodies, to ensure that communication with all the natives becomes easier. But the scientific purpose in the project is a mere excuse, Colonel Quaritch, who heads human militarily Pandora, convinces Jake to supply first hand information, as appropriate using force for Onomaticaya is okay. At first, Jake meets his mission, but he falls for any female na'vi, Neytiri, and realizes that they never give up home, making conflict inevitable.

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COCBscreenshotA Clash of Clans player has a created an online tool that allows you to build your base (or any base really) via a website. You can then share your base with the community, and likewise, view other bases from other players. Overall the tool is pretty cool but it's slow on mobile devices...


Clash of ClansFirst things first, I would like to thank mediapluck for graciously allowing us members of the Clash of Clans community to have an open and uncensored floor to share our views on the game. I have grown frustrated with the current official forum due to the growing fascist attitude of Supercell and the trolling...


543987_525242387500089_398298817_nMy answer to the Clash of Clans "King of the Woods" competition. We turned the tree into X-mas Arrows and will be giving them out to everyone. Happy Holidays!


IMG_1927Was your lunch break like mine? I would tap Next, take a bite of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chew, swallow, take a sip of my drink, check to see if I had a new match, and repeat.


National FlagsWhy would you buy a flag? National Flags cost 100K gold each in the Clash of Clans store, but what good are they? Besides the bling, what good are decorations? Let me give you a hint. In my village, I have every flag and decoration available. Am I out of control with the bling?...


HalloweenThis morning, Supercell released a new client update for Clash of Clans, fashioned in Halloween glory. There was a rumor that the update wasn't happening until next week, so some players may have been caught off guard. Overall, I like the update, but there are some serious game changers included in the release. Below...


Level 9 Town HallSo, what do you do if you have a decked out level 8 town hall, and you don't think your skull walls and gold defenses have enough bling? Easy, upgrade to town hall level 9! Today, Supercell announced the introduction of the new "Dark Castle" level 9 town hall in the next update, complete...


The X-BowSupercell reveals the silhouette of the new mystery defensive unit and provides a few more details. Chief, let me introduce the newest in mystical weapons technology: the X-Bow! This defensive turret shoots bolts of Elixir at an incredible rate of fire!! Just load it with ammunition, adjust for range and height, wait for an...


New mystery structureToday, Supercell revealed that a new defensive structure will be included in the next app update. We don't know what it is, but Supercell provides a cryptic clue. Is it surface to surface, is it surface to air, or something completely different?!? We also don't know how much it might cost. You might want...


updatesThe Clash of Clans game server was disconnected this morning around 5:10 AM EST. The server was unavailable for approximately 20 minutes. Supercell claims that the server maintenance was to improve performance in matchmaking. There should be no noticeable changes for the players except matchmaking should be faster after the update. Let us know...

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